How Thoughts and Beliefs Can Affect Your Psychic Abilities

I’ve been a professional psychic medium for just over 10 years now, and if anyone would have suggested to me even 12 years ago that this is what I’d be doing for a living, I would have thought they were delusional. I’d always been attracted to the metaphysical realms, but never had the belief that I could harness them. But on the first day of the psychic development night school class I took at a local community college, I saw the clear image of the teacher’s spirit guide behind him as he spoke, and from then on, nothing was the same.

When I first started working with my higher vibrational awareness, the information coming in was random and chaotic. I would have strange visions in meditation and it was sometimes difficult to make sense of what was happening. But as my confidence grew, so did my peace of mind, and each time I crossed another threshold of belief in myself, I found I was better able to work with my abilities rather than feel overwhelmed by them. It was a process, and in hindsight, I can see that the process was guided by my beliefs in my abilities and the way I began to deliberately choose my thoughts about my work and its place in the world.

There were many times I thought about quitting and returning to a more “normal” life. The time I made a sweet grandmother cry when her late husband came through at a psychic party, I was sure that once I walked out that door, I would never do another reading. But just as I was leaving, her family approached me and told me how much the reading meant to her and how grateful she was. The drunk woman I refused to read and the hostile woman at a gallery whose spirit visitor was someone she despised were overshadowed by a message that was heeded from spirit to tighten the child seats in a day care van which was later involved in a serious accident and all the children were unharmed, and tearful gratitude from a psychic development student whose spirit visions had previously made her think she was mentally unstable.

Every time I strengthened my belief in my abilities, they heightened, and every time I focused more attention on the positive results of my work, the more grateful clients I attracted. And as my confidence grew, so did my ability to manage my energy and focus more clearly on the information I was getting. I found that whenever I set a clear and solid intention, there would be a shift within me toward peaceful resonance, and it has been within that peace that I’ve found my greatest gifts.

The power of our intentions was recently highlighted by a session with a coaching client of mine who had been experiencing many random and sometimes disturbing intrusions of spirit energy, sporadic psychic experiences and chaotic dreams. She knew she had psychic abilities, but she was troubled by them and wanted some guidance on how to control them. We discussed the power of thoughts and beliefs and when she watched The Secret, she felt a deep resonance with truth. Then she read Infinite Possibilities by the amazing Mike Dooley, and her life changed drastically. She found within herself the ability to direct her thoughts, attention and beliefs, which is creating enormous shifts, not only in her physical world, but in her psychic abilities. She is no longer plagued by disruptive and random experiences, but she is instead finding that she can invite the experiences when she is ready to work with them. She has discovered that by setting the intention to manifest a happy and peaceful life, she is able to direct her energy more deliberately instead of allowing it to be dragged and pulled in a million different directions. What a difference this has made in her life! And what an epiphany to both of us about the immense power of intention, beliefs and thoughts in not only our external experiences, but also in developing our higher vibrational awareness and abilities.

If you are experiencing flashes of psychic experiences or connections to spirit which are interrupting your life or disturbing you, take a look at your beliefs, thoughts and intentions and begin to direct them toward what you would rather experience with these gifts. Set the intention in that direction, make peace with where you are and watch the magic begin!

Tracy Farquhar