Levels of Vibrational Awareness and How to Develop Them

We humans have an amazing array of senses that we use to experience our world, but we tend to limit our awareness by relying on just a few of them. As children, we are taught that our five senses are the only way to discern the truth, and that anything that can’t be experienced this way is frivolous or false. The truth is that there are many more than five senses; we have a sense of body awareness, balance, pain, and others. In addition, there is vibrational awareness, or a sense of energetic reality.

We all experience vibrational awareness on varying levels. If you’ve ever walked into a room and sensed a mood or emotion leftover by the people just recently in it, you’ve experienced a connection with an unseen energetic force. Working with and developing this awareness can open you up to a greater understanding of yourself and others as powerful energetic beings.

The various levels of vibrational awareness include:

1.  Intuition and Empathy – Intuition is the act of knowing something without knowing how you know it. It is a connection with Universal truth which extends beyond that which we are taught or told. Empathy is a connection with the emotions of another, which can range from simply having an intuitive sense of what someone is feeling to actually feeling it oneself.

2.  Psychic Awareness – The traditional definition of the word “psychic” often centers on the ability to foretell the future. While it’s true that many psychics have precognitive abilities, my personal definition of a psychic is one who is able to raise her vibration to such a level that she can connect with the energy of others, thereby getting a sense of their life path with the intention to uplift and guide them. Psychic connection is simply the next vibrational step up from intuition.

3.  Mediumship – All mediums need to have some form of psychic awareness (whether they perform psychic readings or not), but not all psychics practice mediumship. A medium is someone who is able to raise his vibration to the level where he is able to connect with the energy of spirit. The vibrational frequency of spirit energy is such that we humans are not able to experience it with the five senses on a regular basis. Again, this is a step up from psychic awareness, as spirit energy vibrates at a higher frequency than that of physical beings.

4.  Channeling – A channel is someone who is able to connect with non-physical energy in such a way that these beings are able to communicate directly through the channel. This requires yet another level of vibrational connection, as the channel must also move her own consciousness aside to allow for this direct communication to occur.

There are many methods to expand your vibrational awareness. Beginning with the first level, become more aware of when you are picking up “feelings” of things which are not based on an intellectual “knowing.” See what happens when you begin to trust these feelings more and notice the difference between their supportive guidance and what can sometimes be the fear-based warnings of ego. The more you learn to trust this inner knowing, the easier it is to allow this higher state of vibrational awareness guide you.

Moving to the next level, you may want to experiment with different methods to connect with the energy of another person through psychic awareness. These may include psychometry (holding an object), oracle or tarot cards, pendulums, or other tools which can help to give you a point of focus for raising your vibrational frequency. Set the intention for what you would like to achieve and then try different methods until you find what resonates with you. Make sure you’re having fun with it!

While you’re working on your psychic abilities, you may find that you naturally begin to connect with spirit energy. You may receive inner visual images of spirit or get messages from non-physical beings. Simply observe this at first and notice what your state of consciousness is when these connections are made. Being relaxed, feeling protected and safe, and being in a positive frame of mind are all essential to having positive interactions with spirit. Again, be sure to set an intention for what you want to achieve through these interactions and practice honing your focus and attention, since these communications are often quick and subtle.

The realm of channeling is yet a higher vibrational state which you can first begin to practice through automatic writing. Sometimes handwriting is a good place to start, as it is a stronger physical connection, but you can also use a computer. Usually, the communication comes through as word-by-word dictation. Once a strong connection is made through writing, you may want to experiment with verbal channeling. Again, it is very important to feel safe, protected and free of fear when experimenting with this type of spirit connection.

Remember that everything is energy, and that there are many levels of energetic frequency existing all around us. Just as the broad spectrum of light contains just a small portion which is visible to the human eye, reality exists in many forms of higher vibration which can only be experienced through a raising of one’s frequency and awareness. What wisdom and knowledge can you access through these higher levels of awareness?

Tracy Farquhar