The Three Skills that will Boost Your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities

Eleven years ago, I learned that my lifelong sensitivities were indications of higher gifts which I now use to do psychic and mediumship readings, and more recently to channel. As I began to develop and expand these abilities, I found that there were three key skills which were crucial to my success as a professional psychic and channel. I truly believe that one of the reasons I’ve been able to turn these abilities into a successful career is that I’ve learned to work with these three skills and expand upon them, and I believe that anyone can learn to build them through practice and mindfulness.

1.  Attention – I’ve always had a pretty good attention span. As a professional administrative assistant for most of my working life, I developed a keen attention to detail and the ability to stick with a task to its completion. As a psychic medium, attention is important as the information that comes in can be fast, fleeting and faint, and so if you are easily distracted or too worried about being “right,” you may miss some of this information or misinterpret it. If you’re working on building your own psychic and intuitive abilities, start by becoming aware of where your attention goes in the course of your day, and see if you can work on honing it by listening intently, picking up on the details of your surroundings, and resisting distractions.

2.  Intentions – Setting clear intentions for what you want to accomplish through any given task is an excellent way to create the foundation for success. Without clear intentions, you will risk losing motivation and your consciousness may drift from the task at hand. As a psychic, my intention is always to connect with the energy of my clients in order to receive the highest level of information to uplift and guide them. As a medium, my intention is to connect with the highest level of spirit energy in order to bring messages of love and support to their loved ones. And as a channel, my intention is to be the conduit for those in spirit who wish to guide and assist us here on earth. Begin to become more aware of the intentions behind the energy you put into various areas of your life, and make them deliberate and clear. You’ll find that you’ll then be naturally guided into the right actions to get you where you’d like to be.

3.  Focus – I find that all the work I do in this business: psychic readings, mediumship events, channeling, writing, speaking and running my spiritual center require a laser focus. When I am doing a reading, my focus is solely on the client and her energy. I am able to set aside my own ego, judgment and fears and completely direct my energy and vibrational awareness to the client. This is what allows me to connect with her energetically and interpret the signals I get in the best possible way. The same goes for spirit communication; my focus is completely directed on my inner vision and the subtle cues I get from spirit, and when I’m channeling, my focus helps me step aside and allow the spirit energy to flow through me. To work on your focus, you could practice concentrating on reading or writing in a noisy place, or completing a challenging task in a certain amount of time. Learning to really focus on your inner receptor in this fast-paced, multi-tasking world can take practice, but it can be extremely helpful when connecting with your inner guidance system.

Practicing a regular meditation routine can be very useful in building your attention, intentions and focus, as it teaches you to allow both your thoughts and any external interference drift away while you continue to draw your attention inward, set intentions for relaxation and calm, and focus on the present moment. In a world full of constant distractions, these three skills can not only help you connect with your higher vibrational awareness, they can bring a sense of ease to your life which can help you cope with the stresses and challenges on your path. And this ease is bound to bring success in ALL areas of your life. Where is YOUR focus today?

Tracy Farquhar