The Truth about Psychics

What does the word “psychic” mean to you? Many will envision an exotic gypsy fortune teller seated in front of a crystal ball. Others may equate the word with “scam artist” or a practitioner of the dark arts.

As a professional psychic medium, I’d like to share my definition of a psychic. Psychics have the ability to deliberately raise their vibration to connect with the energy of other people. This part of the definition describes what a psychic does. But it’s the second part of the definition that I think is even more important. Psychics have the ability to deliberately raise their vibration to connect with the energy of other people WITH THE INTENTION of helping to guide, uplift and assist them on their life path.

I truly believe that we all come into our lives with this natural ability of vibrational awareness; we have an innate intuitive sense which relays information through energetic frequency. We can feel the energy of a place, person, or situation in a way that goes beyond the five senses. We can sense the intentions of others or the probable outcomes of situations without a lot of logical thinking. Babies and young children often demonstrate these abilities, along with a natural connection to spirit energy. It’s only when we start to become aware of the social stigma surrounding these abilities that we create an intentional block to them so that others don’t judge us as strange or scary.

A professional psychic is someone who has found a way to break free of those blocks and expand her natural abilities to the degree that she can tune in to the frequency of another’s life path and can get a sense of that person’s past, present, and future. However, it is important to note that the future is always changing, and that there will be many possible outcomes based on a person’s free will choices.

So, what exactly can a psychic reading do for you? A reader whose intention is as stated above will be able to help you get a different perspective on your current life path. He will help you to tune into the lessons of the past, the gifts within the challenges of the present, and the possible outcomes in the future. You should come away from a psychic reading feeling energized, motivated and validated, with a clearer sense of what the past has taught you, what needs your attention in the present, and what will help you realize your future desires.

The role of a psychic is not to tell you what to do or what is going to happen, it is to lend you the support and guidance of her intuitive connection with you and your energy. Your life is your own, directed by your own thoughts, beliefs and decisions. If you are feeling stuck or unsure of what’s in your best interest, a psychic can help you recognize your own power to move your energy forward and remind you of what your heart already knows. A fortune teller’s prediction is contrary to that intention; if you feel that a certain outcome is inevitable or completely out of your control, you will tend to feel like a victim of your life rather than the director of it.

Unfortunately, there are psychic practitioners out there whose intentions are not necessarily honorable, and this is where a lot of skepticism about the nature of psychics is borne. While they may have highly developed psychic skills, their intentions may be purely motivated by money, and they will use fear tactics to extort large fees from their clients. If you ever find yourself in the midst of a psychic reading that begins to feel very negative, where the psychic says you have had a curse placed on you or that you’re surrounded with “bad energy,” RUN! This is a sure sign that you’re about to be scammed. Usually, these practitioners will then tell you that they can remove the curse or clear your energy with some sort of ritual, candle or other means for a large fee which can be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The best way to find a reputable psychic is by referral, but if that’s not forthcoming, look for practitioners who have established businesses and a decent website which includes testimonials and a clear description of what is offered. There are also some online directories listing vetted practitioners. Don’t look for the cheapest fee; while a novice reader may charge a low fee and still deliver a meaningful reading, often a very low fee can indicate that you’re in for a bait and switch scam. When comparing fees, remember that experienced and respected readers will charge fees that reflect the value of their service and the level of their expertise.

There are many talented, honorable and compassionate spiritual practitioners out there whose intention is focused on helping you to achieve your highest degree of happiness and success. A psychic can illuminate the truth and wisdom of your soul and connect you with the path that is in your highest good. When the choice of practitioner is made with your own intuitive awareness and careful consideration, you may find enormous benefit to your reading when you find the right psychic for you.

Tracy Farquhar