Three Ways to Expand your Intuitive and Psychic Abilities

Everyone has some degree of intuitive and psychic ability. We are born with it; it’s simply another one of our senses. Children access it naturally, until they learn that it’s not always socially accepted or believed, so they form blocks to it. If you feel you have a high degree of energetic sensitivity and you’d like to remove those obstacles and increase your intuitive awareness, here are some fun and easy exercises to try. My psychic development students are often astounded at what they can do when we practice these experiments in our classes.

1.  Psychometry – This is the practice of holding an object and tuning into it energetically with the intention of either picking up information on its owner or on the history of the object itself. Try holding a piece of jewelry, glasses or keys (but nothing electronic) that someone wears or carries a good deal of the time, relax with a few deep breaths, and set the intention to tune in energetically. See if you can feel the energy of the object, then allow yourself to receive any images, emotions or words which may be related to the person associated with it. Just say whatever you get and have the person you’re reading write it all down, then discuss whether you’ve picked up anything relevant. You may be amazed at what you’re able to get this way!

2.  Telepathy – First, find some books with fairly simple pictures in them. Children’s books and oracle cards work well with their clear, colorful images. Designate one person as the “sender” and the rest as “receivers.” The sender should sit in another room or behind the receivers and choose a picture to send by focusing intently on all the elements of the image including the colors, the lines, the emotions and the feelings of whatever is in the picture. Set the intention to send this information to the receivers and focus on the picture for no more than 3 to 4 minutes. The receivers should draw or write down whatever they get, then compare their results with the picture. It’s fun to see how well they’ve picked up elements from the sender’s image, and also how they tend to get hits from each other. Make sure you switch senders and receivers so that everyone has a chance to experience both.

3.  Reading Photographs – There are several ways you can experiment with this. One is to have a friend give you some photographs of people they know, but you don’t. Take a quick look at the photo, and then turn it over, placing your hand over it lightly. See if you pick up any words, emotions or feelings from the photo (similar to the psychometry exercise) and just say whatever you get as your partner writes it down. Then turn the photo over again and look at it closely. Again, say whatever comes to you but limit this to just a couple minutes, as your intellect will start to take over and want to figure things out in a logical way. You can also use this technique with pictures of missing persons, or photos from obituaries. Cover up any descriptive text and just record whatever you get from the photo. Then make it a point to follow up on the story or read the obituary to see how you did. Professional psychics are often able to pick up energetic information through photographs and can use them to help find missing persons and solve criminal cases.

Revving up your energetic awareness with exercises like these can not only put you in touch with your higher senses, it can help you to learn to trust your intuition so that you can allow it to guide you on your life’s path. Make sure that you are always able to verify the information you receive in whatever experiments you try, so that you can continue to build your confidence and thereby expand your natural abilities. Your intuition is a powerful tool for achieving a higher state of consciousness and awareness. Make sure you’re using it to its full potential!

Tracy Farquhar