2018 - The Year of the System Upgrade

This morning, my computer wanted to do an update but it couldn't, because there's not enough disk space to download the new files. So it gave me an alert to delete some of the things I don't need in order to make room for the new upload.

While I was looking through the files and apps to find things to purge, I realized that this is exactly what I've been feeling urged to do in my life as we enter this new year of possibility. The Universe has been signaling me that there's a new download ready for me, but that I've got to shift some of the old energy that no longer serves me to make room for it.

I've been responding by clearing out some old junk; I've got six bags of clothes ready to go to charity and several bags to throw out. I've been scrubbing and tossing and recycling, and it feels good. But what's really going to create results is the internal purging, the shifting of old belief systems, habits and patterns, the release of attachments, emotions and reactions, the willingness to take a fresh perspective and honor myself from a higher place. Clearing out my external space is really just a metaphor for the internal shifts that I'm ready to take.

The new year feels like a year of action, a time to realize the manifestation of our energetic focus and see the possibilities unfold in our lives. But if we're holding onto the pain, disappointment and struggles of the past year, our vision will be clouded and our energetic frequencies will be clogged. We'll find ourselves slogging through the mud instead of sprinting along the path, still moving forward, but without the ease and flow we deserve.

2018 is offering you an upgrade to your system, an opportunity to shift your frequencies and take on a higher challenge. What files do you need to delete in order to allow that download? Here's a hint: start from your H drive, your Heart Center and work outward. Begin with love, compassion and the intention for your highest good, and let your intuition guide you through the purge toward a system reboot which allows you to grow, learn and evolve into an even higher version of yourself.

Tracy Farquhar