Faith and Flow

The well-known quantum mechanics double slit experiments have demonstrated that electrons behave as particles when they are observed but can behave as waves when they are not observed, proving that the act of observation alters the behavior of energy. If this is true of an atomic particle, how does it apply to the energetic aspects of our lives? How does our attention and focus alter the trajectory of our life path, and how can we utilize this power of focus to create the best possible direction?

Here’s the trick: set an intention with your thoughts, inner vision and joyful anticipation to calibrate your energetic field so that it’s in alignment with that intention. Spend a few minutes in this state every day and bring that renewed optimism to the tasks at hand in your current reality. And be sure to detach from the outcome of what it is that you’re intending.

But how is it possible to detach from something we dearly desire? Through faith: faith in yourself, the laws of the universe, the course of your life and its natural tendency to give you exactly what you need at any given moment. A lack of faith creates a need to control, since we don’t trust the natural trajectory of the universal laws and our ability to pick up on the cues that will guide us. In that state of being, we constrict our energy, ready to leap into action at any moment, fearing we will miss our chance, make a mistake or take the wrong path and worrying that it will all go wrong. This constriction of energy blocks us from our intuitive guidance system and can cause us to feel lost.

The attitude of faith in the energetic forces you put into play through intention setting, visualization and joyful anticipation will allow you to let go, and it is in that letting go that your focus and attention returns to creating and celebrating the joys in your life right now, just as it is. And in that state of focusing on the now, you are taking your attention away from constantly watching the future unfold. In this way, you are allowing the matter of your life to coalesce and materialize of its own accord, in its own time, directed by the energy of your intentions, and paved by the daily steps you take toward the desired state.

Detachment, then, comes from faith, and faith is a gift you must cultivate for yourself, as you’ve been taught to believe that you can’t trust yourself, that your life is ruled by external forces, chance and luck, and that you must seek answers and direction from others. This is a restrictive fallacy. The best teachers are those who remind you of your truth, not hand you their own truth. The best challenges allow you to uncover your strengths, not build strength. You have all that you need, but if you don’t believe that is true, you disconnect from the faith and wisdom inherent in your being, and you will immerse yourself in the constant struggle with external forces. Your focus on that battle is the glue that keeps the energy of the things you DON’T want stuck in your reality.

Here are some tips to help you to build your faith in yourself:

  1. Remember the times in your life when you listened to that internal voice and it guided you in exactly the right direction. And remember the times you didn’t.
  2. Look at the milestones you’ve already achieved, the challenges you’ve already overcome, and the roadblocks you’ve already navigated. This wasn’t just chance, this was all due to your focus and intention.
  3. Think of the times when you were at ease with yourself, when your heart felt light and you experienced joy. Can you remember how life appeared easy and effortless, even though you still had some challenges in your path? Can this help you acknowledge the power of perception?
  4. Remind yourself daily that you are made of the same stuff that makes up all elements of the entire Universe, that you are not just OF the Universe, you ARE the Universe in all its divine glory, in all its unlimited creative power, in all its love, compassion and wisdom. How could you doubt yourself when you are an expression of the divine?
  5. Look at the people you love. Really look at them. Do you find yourself looking for their flaws or observing their beauty? Of course, you see them as perfect in their imperfections and essential to the world. Now just pretend that you feel the same way about yourself. Pretend until it becomes a habit.

The answers are within. The wisdom is within. The love, the fulfillment, the compassion all live within you, and when you are aligned with all the gifts that are inherent within, you no longer need to attach to the outcomes of your life’s path to bring you to a state of peace and happiness, as it is within that alignment that peace and happiness exist. Your external life is a mirror of what lives within, and with just a little more faith in yourself, you can create enormous change in that external life and what it offers you. Intend, then allow. And let the energy of your life flow.

Tracy Farquhar