igniting your intuition - a free summit

Online |  Launching September 10 

Have you ever said any of these phrases to yourself?

  • I should have listened to my intuition!

  • What is my soul’s purpose?

  • How do I stop giving away my energy and start stepping into my power?

  • As a sensitive person, how do I turn my sensitivity into my super power?

  • How do I connect with spirit and divine guidance more deeply?

  • How do I stop playing small and find my voice?

  • How do I find inner peace and allow my intuition to guide me?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or thoughts, then you are in the right place!! Your intuition has brought you here!  Your guidance has guided you to read this email so that you may learn how to activate your power, discover your voice, and trust your inner wisdom.  
I have a special invitation for you!  Join me for a free on-line master class, focusing on how to IGNITE YOUR INTUITION, so you may begin to live your life with freedom, self-love, and empowerment!
I will be one of your teachers on this journey of mysticism, intuition, love, power, guidance, and wisdom.  It is a FREE event. You will be able to take this beautiful journey with us in any element that allows you to download a video.  You can be on a boat, a train, a plane, a mountain, running, hiking, walking, or in the comfort of your own home.
I will be joining Beth Osmer, a powerful and intuitive Shamanic Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, and energy worker.  She has organized over 21 amazing speakers to discuss the topics of intuition, power, spirit, inner wisdom, and much more!
If you have ever felt that you are not using your intuition to your full capacity or if you have ever felt as if you are not standing fully in your personal power; then I encourage you to come and join us!
During this free on-line masterclass, you will learn:

  • tools to strengthen your intuition and psychic muscle.

  • ways to connect with divine guidance and spirit guides.

  • how to stop second guessing yourself and trust your inner wisdom.

  • how to identify your greatest gifts by trusting your intuition.

  • methods to activate your creativity.

  • how to raise your vibration so that you may rise above any situation or circumstance.

  • techniques to let go of limiting beliefs and stand fully in your power.

The reason this event is happening is because Beth’s personal journey took her from years of abuse, addiction, and self-loathing to a path of service, love, and empowerment.  This is all because she started to trust and develop her intuition.  As she honored her unique abilities and gifts, she began to heal, love and trust herself.

She wants you to experience a life full of love, light, power, and abundance and so do I! Get amazing free gifts from the speakers, too. Click below to register today!


full moon mini-readings

Online via Zoom |  Monday, September 24 |  11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The energy of the full moon is very powerful and may bring up some strong emotions and frequencies, so a little psychic guidance can be very useful.

To make the most of this energy, I'm offering monthly 15-minute mini-readings using the tarot which I read intuitively. These readings can be by phone or online via the Zoom meeting platform and will be offered monthly on or around the day of the full moon only. Here are the dates:

September 24
October 24
November 23
December 22

The fee is just $30 and is payable in advance when you book your reading. These slots fill quickly since I don't normally offer 15-minute readings, so book yours early. Click the ticket link to go to my booking site and choose the time you'd like.

Voorhees Animal Orphanage Presents.jpg

The voorhees animal orphanage presents woofstock

John Connolly Park, Voorhees, NJ |  Saturday, September 29 |  11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Come out to the Voorhees Animal Orphanage’s biggest fundraiser on Saturday, September 29! There will be lots of vendors and fun activities for you to enjoy, and all proceeds benefit this wonderful shelter. I’ll be there offering 15-minute readings for just $25, plus I’ll have copies of my books to sign and sell. Come on out and support the animals!

Psychic Development at Camden County Collegewith Psychic Medium Tracy Farquhar.png

Psychic Development at Camden County College

CCC Blackwood Campus |  Mondays, Oct 1 - Dec 3 |  6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Join me for this exciting 10-week Psychic Development course starting October 1 which is part of the Camden County College Continuing Education program on the Blackwood, NJ campus!

We'll be discussing the various ways we all tune in to energy including intuition, psychic abilities and mediumship, and how to understand, utilize and enhance those abilities with practice and mindfulness. There will be some fun hands-on experiences designed to build your confidence as well as interesting demonstrations. We'll also be talking about other metaphysical and holistic topics and there will be some fascinating guest speakers.

I've had 13 years experience as a professional psychic medium and have taught classes in various adult school in the area as well as online. I've published two books, Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom, and From Deep Space with Love, published by Hay House, which I co-authored with NY Times Bestselling author Mike Dooley. 

Just $95 for the 10-week course. Click below to view the CCC brochure and registration instructions.

Psychic Development with Tracy FarquharHaddon Township High School10 Tuesdays beginning October 2.png

Psychic Development at Haddon Twp. Adult School

Haddon Township High School |  Tuesdays, Oct 2 - Dec 4 |  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Everyone has the ability to tune in to energetic awareness, and this class will give you lots of opportunities to understand and expand these gifts. You'll not only learn about your own inherent intuitive and psychic abilities and how to work with them, you'll also meditate, meet like-minded people and expand your consciousness!

This class will offer a greater understanding of your intuition and psychic abilities through practice and discussion of various tools and methods. Sessions will include guided meditations and interactive exercises. We will also discuss other metaphysical topics and will have fascinating guest speakers. 

Tuesday Evenings 7 to 9 PM
October 2 - December 4

$70 for the full 10-week course

Click below for more information and registration information. Seating is limited, so register early!

A 5-week course with Tracy FarquharStarting October 4 at Haddon Township High School.png

Infinite Possibilities at Haddon Twp. Adult School

Haddon Township High School |  Thursdays, Oct 4 - Nov 1 |  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Would you like to learn to create happiness, success and abundance in your life? Have you found yourself stuck in old habits and wonder what it takes to make change? Are you feeling like there's something more out there for you? 

Join me at Haddon Township High School beginning October 4 for NY Times bestselling author Mike Dooley's Law of Attraction and Deliberate Living program Infinite Possibilities, which is changing lives all over the world! I became a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer in 2012, and since then I've taught over 25 classes. I've also co-authored a book with Mike Dooley. 

This program can help you flip the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential for success, happiness and fulfillment. It will show you how to become more mindful of your patterns of thought, use your emotions as signposts, let your intuition be your guide, tune in to your faith, discover your own meaning of life and take the action steps toward your dreams.

Just $50 for the entire 5-week program. Click below for more details and registration details. Seating is limited, so register early!

Spirit Gallerywith Tracy Farquharat The Center_ Life in Balance45 S. Main St., Medford, NJ.png

spirit gallery at The center

45 S. Main St., Medford, NJ 08055 |  Friday, October 19 |  7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The veil between this world and the spirit world thins around All Hallow's Eve, so it's a perfect time to communicate with loved ones who have transitioned.

Join professional psychic medium Tracy Farquhar as she conveys messages from the spirit world in this group mediumship gallery at The Center, Life in Balance, 45 S. Main St., Medford, NJ 08055. 

While Tracy can't guarantee that all audience members will receive a message, these events are always moving, inspirational and healing for all involved.


Seating limited to 20 people. Register early so you don't miss out!

Tickets must be purchased in advance by clicking below. Registration deadline is October 15, but seating may sell out by then. Minimum of 10 people required.


intuitive tarot readings at heart beet kitchen

29 Haddon Ave., Haddon Twp., NJ 08108 |  Saturday, Oct. 27 |  12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Professional psychic medium, channel, teacher and Hay House author Tracy Farquhar (TracyFarquhar.com) will be at Heart Beet Kitchen in Westmont, New Jersey offering life guidance and support with 10-minute intuitive tarot readings.

Stop in for a delicious vegan, gluten free treat between 12 and 4 PM on Saturday, September 15 and you can have a reading with Tracy for just $20.

Heart Beet Kitchen is at 29 Haddon Ave., Westmont, NJ 08108.