psychic development at camden county college

200 College Dr., Blackwood, NJ 08012
Mondays, Feb. 11-April 15 and June 10-August 12 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Please note that the summer dates are incorrect in the CCC Course Catalog. The correct dates are Mondays, June 10 - August 12.

Join me for this exciting 10-week Psychic Development course starting February 11 which is part of the Camden County College Continuing Education program on the Blackwood, NJ campus!

We'll be discussing the various ways we all tune in to energy including intuition, psychic abilities and mediumship, and how to understand, utilize and enhance those abilities with practice and mindfulness. There will be some fun hands-on experiences designed to build your confidence as well as interesting demonstrations. We'll also be talking about other metaphysical and holistic topics and there will be some fascinating guest speakers.

I've had 13 years experience as a professional psychic medium and have taught classes in various adult schools in the area as well as online. I've published two books, Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom, and Channeled Messages from Deep Space, published by Hay House, which I co-authored with NY Times Bestselling author Mike Dooley. 

Just $95 for the 10-week course. Registration is handled by CCC and can be accessed below.

Psychic Development at Haddon Township Adult School with Psychic Medium Tracy Farquhar.png

psychic development at Haddon twp. adult school

406 Memorial Ave., Westmont, NJ 08108 |  Tuesdays, Feb. 12-April 16 | 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Everyone is psychic! We all have the innate ability to tune into different levels of energetic frequencies to get information about the world around us. In the course, we'll practice different methods to help you expand and direct your abilities, plus we'll meditate, discuss different metaphysical topics and have three fascinating guest speakers.

The course runs for ten weeks from February 12 to April 16 from 7 to 9 PM.

Registration is now available through the Haddon Township Adult School. Click the link below.

Only $70 for a ten week course!

A 5-week course with Tracy FarquharStarting October 4 at Haddon Township High School (1).png

infinite possibilities at Haddon twp. adult school

406 Memorial Ave., Westmont, NJ 08108 |  Thursdays, Feb. 21-March 21 | 7 - 9 PM

Would you like to learn to create happiness, success and abundance in your life? Have you found yourself stuck in old habits and wonder what it takes to make change? Are you feeling like there's something more out there for you? 

Join me at Haddon Township High School for the NY Times bestselling author Mike Dooley's Law of Attraction and Deliberate Living program Infinite Possibilities, which is changing lives all over the world! I became a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer in 2012, and since then I've taught over 25 classes. I've also co-authored a book with Mike Dooley. 

This program can help you flip the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential for success, happiness and fulfillment. It will show you how to become more mindful of your patterns of thought, use your emotions as signposts, let your intuition be your guide, tune in to your faith, discover your own meaning of life and take the action steps toward your dreams.

Just $50 for the entire 5-week program which begins on February 21. Registration is now available below. Seating is limited, so register early!


Psychic Readings at through the looking glass

Through the Looking Glass Tea and Metaphysical Shop
Historic Smithville, 615 E Moss Mill Rd, Smithville, New Jersey 08205
Saturday, March 9 | 1 - 4 PM

Join internationally-renowned psychic medium, channel, author and teacher Tracy Farquhar at Through the Looking Glass Tea and Metaphysical Shoppe in Smithville, NJ as she offers 15-minute intuitive tarot readings!

These readings will help you make the most out of your past, present and future.

15-minute readings are $30 and can be booked by clicking below.

Cancellations made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will be refunded. Appointments cancelled after that time will not be refunded.

Raising Your Vibrational Awareness (1).png

raising your vibrational awareness at through the looking glass

Through the Looking Glass Tea and Metaphysical Shop
Historic Smithville, 615 E Moss Mill Rd, Smithville, New Jersey 08205
Saturday, March 16 | 6 - 8:30 PM

We all possess different levels of energetic awareness; we can naturally tune into the vibrational frequency of the energy around us for connection, guidance and wisdom. But most of us block these abilities in favor of the five senses, our intellect and logic.

In this 2.5 hour course with Professional Psychic Medium, Channel, and Hay House Author Tracy Farquhar, you will delve into the 5 inherent levels of vibrational awareness. You'll learn how to remove the blocks to them, develop them, manage them, and use them to lead you on your highest path to self-awareness, inner peace and success.

Empathic Abilities
You'll learn:
1.What it means to be an empath and how your connection with the emotions of others affects your daily life.
2. How to manage your empathic abilities so that you experience them as a gift, rather than a burden.
3. Methods to protect your energy while still connecting with others.
4. Methods to release any energy that isn't yours.
5. How to use empathy to enhance your impact on the world.

You'll learn:
1. What intuition is, and how it manifests in your life.
2. How your intuition speaks to you.
3. How to use your intuition as an internal guidance system.
4. Daily practices to hone your intuitive awareness.
5. Experiments designed to help you increase your confidence in your intuition.

Psychic Abilities
You'll learn:
1. What it means to be psychic (hint, it's not what you might think!)
2. How you're already experiencing your psychic awareness.
3. How to use your abilities more deliberately and intentionally.
4. Daily practices to expand your abilities.
5. Experiments designed to increase your confidence in your psychic awareness.

You'll learn:
1. What mediumship is, and how the spirit realm communicates with us.
2. How you may be receiving contact with spirit.
3. How to open your energy to receive spirit communication.
4. Daily practices to receive and recognize direct communication from spirit while feeling safe and protected.
5. Experiments designed to help you increase your confidence in the communication you receive from spirit.

You'll learn:
1. What it means to channel, and how it works.
2. Different methods for direct communication with non-physical beings.
3. How to create a safe and protected environment for channeling.
4. Experiments designed to help you learn to channel.
5. How I connected with the collective known as Frank.


Click below to register.

Cancellations made at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will be refunded. No refunds after that time.


illuminate the garden state
mind-body-spirit arts festival

Collingswood Community Center, 30 Collings Ave., Collingswood, NJ 08107
Saturday, April 6 | 11 AM - 6 PM

Join us for a wonder-filled day of arts and wellness! Angel communicators, aura photography, bodywork including massage and reflexology, energy work including Reiki, tarot, astrology, original art, vetted intuitive readers, crystals, essential oils, handmade jewelry and gift items, luxurious spa products, free workshops and more! $6 tickets at the door, save $1 online. Low-cost services. Active/veteran military, first responders (police, firefighters, EMTs) will receive free admission in gratitude for their service. Under 18 receive free admission, and must be accompanied by an adult.

I will be offering 15-minute intuitive tarot readings for $30 plus my two books for sale.