recording of a channeled webinar with frank

From June 2, 2019

The bestselling book From Deep Space with Love: A Conversation about Consciousness, the Universe, and Building a Better World, by Tracy Farquhar and Mike Dooley, is now a paperback with a new title, Channeled Messages from Deep Space: Wisdom for a Changing World. In this book, as well as in Tracy’s first book, Frank Talk, the other-worldly collective known as Frank shares their wit and wisdom about our world and how best to participate in the changes we are going through

On June 2, Tracy channeled Frank in this live webinar. All participants had the opportunity to ask questions to get Frank's perspective on the state of our world, our trajectory and your own life's path.

You’ll receive a recording of this fascinating channeled event, where Frank responds to questions about our life’s purpose, our role in the shifting world, and how to utilize our own personal energy to best participate in the state of the planet.

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intuitive tarot masterclass

Online via Facebook  

I always had a fascination with the tarot, but I thought it would be too difficult and time-consuming to learn, so I avoided using it for a long time. Then, about 13 years ago I had the opportunity to practice using the tarot to do readings in a psychic development class and I found that I was able to intuit the meanings of the cards with just a very basic understanding of their archetypes. Since then, I've been using the tarot very successfully as a tool for my psychic readings. I love how they never fail to show me exactly where on their life path my clients are, and what it is that they need to know to clarify what the past has to teach them, how to best utilize the gifts of the present, possible future outcomes and what they can learn from it all.

If you've felt drawn to the tarot, but have been hesitant to use them because of their complexity, this course is for YOU!

When you sign up for the Intuitive Tarot Masterclass, you'll receive exclusive access to a secret Facebook group. In that group will be posted a series of 10-minute (or less) videos, one for each of the 78 cards in the tarot deck. These videos will cover the basic archetypes of the cards, their symbolism, and different ways you can read them intuitively. You'll also see examples of each card from different decks, and I'll give you tips about how to connect to their meaning. 

In addition to the videos on each card, there will be an introductory video and occasional reading demonstrations.

You'll also be invited to post any questions in the group which I will address and which the group can comment on to make it a true group learning experience.

For just $125, you will receive:

  • Permanent access to a secret Facebook group

  • 82 instructional videos to watch at your own pace, plus additional reading demos which will continue to be uploaded

  • Answers to your individual questions

  • A shared group learning experience for as long as you wish to participate!

This is your chance to harness the wisdom and beauty of the tarot, either for your own guidance or to help guide others on their life journey. 

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