Thank you very much for my reading yesterday. It gave me some much need insight and perspective. It was an amazing experience and I plan on continuing with it as finances allow.

Thank you for the reading yesterday.  It was great and you confirmed some things about my dad and told me some things about him and it felt very good.  You also really explained the thoughts I had about my mom in Spirit.

Thank You so much for my reading last week.  It was right on and what I have been working on.  I look forward to our next reading.

As always Tracy you were spot on. , , Your reading gave me comfort and hope that all will be ok with my health. 

Thank you Tracy, your talent and skill helped me remember to support myself, too, during a very difficult time 

Thank you sooo much for the incredible reading yesterday!  Just what I needed:) Looking forward to speaking with you in the near future...

Working with you over the years has been a God-given blessing in my life!  And I don't say this lightly.  I believe that you have provided me with the lessons and directions that I needed at just the right time.  Frequently, I keep your messages and refer to them as I determine to journey through life courageously, successfully and living up to my fullness.  You're just truly gifted and have been brave to step out into the light and embrace your truest self.

Amazing. It is the never the reading you are "hoping for" :) We all want to be told we are about to hit the mother lode of all we are wishing for, but it was exactly what I needed to hear and I feel like I came away with action steps which is crucial.  Thank you!

Wow!  Just love chatting with you….so insightful, so spot on, so invigorating (and I have our session recorded, so I can listen again and again)!  Thank-you SOOOOO much for all you do!! 

Hello!! I want to thank you, I’ve been waiting since 1997 to hear the answer you provided. . . . I have some peace. Thank you so much for everything!!

Thank you for a beautiful session. I appreciate your feedback, guidance, observations and felt very listened to.  There were a few "aha" moments that had me looking at some past situations with new insight.  I am very excited about this year and feel that I have a new found observation in trusting my choices and instincts.  This is all new to me and I will definitely be booking another session soon.  

Tracy, I want to thank you for your time today, and for sharing your gift. I am so grateful for the insights you offered and for the opportunity to connect with my dad. It was really comforting. Thank you. 

Thanks Tracy!  And again, thank you for being so honest, warm and kind.  I have a lot to think about, but feel at peace as well.  Trusting my intuition and listening to the little "taps" is something I need to be more open to.

I loved my reading yesterday. It gave me such accurate information about what I was experiencing. Plus your guidance and suggestions were very valuable as to how to improve things I was feeling. 

Thank you Tracy for the insightful reading. It really centered me in this time of uncertainty and really brought home that the more I am willing to allow things to be revealed the more full my life will be. 

This session was one of the best healing/readings I have received. It had been years since I reached out to someone to help me get some clarity and a new perspective. You did that in such a kind and gentle way. Thank you Tracy.

f I could reach through the phone and hug you, I certainly would!!!  My sessions are so healing and encouraging.  I know how blessed I am to have found you.  Thanks for your continued warm  support and personal guidance!

My experience was heartfelt and extremely meaningful. Everything you said was on point and true with what is happening in my life today. I took your advice . . . and it worked. Thank you so very much for sharing your gifts with me. You are doing amazing things for others and I look forward to seeing you again.

I enjoyed our session immensely yesterday. Over the couple of years that I've known you, your skills have grown. You are more sure of yourself, and rightly so. You are extremely accurate! . . . Practice makes perfect even in the psychic realm. I knew it was that way for music. I've been playing the organ in Catholic churches for years, but it is only in recent years that I've become relaxed and able to improvise with the music at hand. People notice, and I've noticed a new level in your insights. You are awesome!

I've known Tracy since her first book Frank Talk and I had a first online reading with her a couple of years ago. I attended some of her seminars and now try not to miss any of her weekly Tarot readings on Facebook. I trust her gift. I've attended online when she was channeling "Frank" so by now I know that whatever comes from her is safe, honest and with the best intention. So this time when I read on Facebook that she was offering a Halloween 15 minute individual Tarot reading I rushed to book my time with her. I wasn't expecting a prediction because I know she doesn't do that but I wanted to have some insight on what was happening in my life. The cards came out and she described what I was living and thinking and feeling deep down inside. At the beginning I tried to deny that actually I was scared of failure and that the DEVIL (tarot card) was whispering those doubts in my mind ..I guess that don't even want to admit it to yourself that you're scared or that you lack confidence sometimes..because you are so busy at faking it. But then I surrendered to her words and to the cards that came out, all 4 of them confirming the same feeling. Yes she was right! But she gave me tools to overcome those feelings whenever they appear in my mind. She offered me a different point of view. I felt good, relaxed and powerful. I know that she pulls out the cards but I also know that it's just a tool to express her real gift which is her psychic ability. 15 minutes went in a flash of course but the time was so rich in information. And, what a coincidence, as soon as I left my home after the reading, I met a friend of mine that told me about what a friend that we have in common had said about me: that I had done so much and that she wondered how I was able to accomplish all that and that she admired me for it....Tracy had just told me during the reading that there was no need to be scared of failure because even if it happened, I had achieved so much anyway that it wasn't gonna be failure at all! Sometimes we just need to look at things differently and a heart wide opened as Tracy's can really help! Thank you Tracy!

You are a gift to the world Tracy. Thank you for the reading and for reminding me of my power. Time for a renewed sense of myself!

Thank-you again for your incredible insight, encouragement and boost of empowerment I gained from our reading together this morning.  I feel so grateful to have found you.

Tracy is a truly gifted reader. I've had many readings through the years, and have found Tracy's to not only be the most soulful, but the most accurate. I love that she guides you about steps you need to take to improve your life and well-being, while also gently advising you as to what you need to change to improve your life. Thank you Tracy!

Tracy, thank you, thank you, thank you! awesome reading ..... I needed that insight if only to confirm to myself that I am on the right track! AWESOME reading.

Very accurate reading and one that I was ready to hear. Cleared up lots of questions and helped me understand why I have been so stuck. I am ready to keep moving forward again!

Thank you Tracy for my intuitive reading today. The love from your heart shines through and your message is spot on! I can't wait for my next reading :)

Tracy of Spirit Light Services is amazing! One hour of spot-on insights and wonderful advice was worth way more than her very reasonable prices. Tracy has a very calm, caring demeanor, and instantly taps into the heart of the issues. She has very amazing intuition that confirmed exactly what I had been wondering, but then takes it way further into the realm of what is behind the issue, what you can do to correct the issue, and where you are going from here. Tracy's readings are beyond wonderful!

I want to thank you for the reading yesterday on my birthday!!!! It made my day! What a fun birthday treat for me. When you asked me to focus on some questions while you were picking cards the questions I formulated were all answered throughout the reading! That's amazing! And the answers I heard validated what I knew already which is so exciting for me. I now know what to do next... Nothing! Which is fabulous! I'm always trying to do do do and I get now I just need to be. I loved loved loved your calm sensitive nature and felt so taken care of during the reading as if you were my best friend walking me down the path (my journey). I felt much peace after the reading and can't wait to explore everything we talked about. I would highly recommend anyone to get a reading from you! You have a beautiful gift Tracy! Thanks for sharing it with the world!!!! Love and light to you! Namaste!

Very helpful and much need insight! I needed this reading to help me keep my mind and heart on the right path! I'm very thankful for your time. Sending you light and love!

My reading this evening was most me more awareness of what i have been going through - and still am to a certain degree- gaining more insight int the mechanisms and process. Tracy provides a gentle, clear picture of past, present and future potential in a loving and supportive way that gives me more clarity , excitement and anticipation. It's all good!!!

Tracy is a most gifted medium! Her clarity is stunning.It is clear from every word that she respects her gift and truly has her clients' best and highest good in mind. I wholeheartedly recommend her. She is a valuable mirror for our interior landscapes.

I had a great reading. I left feeling great, renewed and feeling like what I have been going with my life is right. I needed to know that I am heading in the right direction. Tracy was right on and I felt at peace afterwards

Tracy provided concrete insights and profound explanations to what she could feel through tarot cards. She was able to tell me *spot on* about what was going on in my life and gave me hope and courage through her intelligent and compassionate interpretation of some great spirit. I would highly recommend anyone in any stage of life to give Tracy a call for clarity and inspiration for life. Thanks Tracy! I hope to be able to speak with you in the future!

As a firm believer that the greatest gift you can give to another is your presence and your time, from the bottom of my heart I want to say, "Thank you for your time." Thank you for seeing the fullness of who I am and in so doing allowing me to remember too. Your reading was so powerful, your words spoke straight to the core of my being. I can already feel the ripples of joy, love, and light spreading through my life. With Great Love, Jenny.

Wow! I knew Tracy was a great reader, but I now know she is an exceptional reader. I most appreciated her gentle tone and delivery of information that was presented clearly and accurately. The messages that came forward were SPOT ON and gave me a lot of confirmation concerning my thoughts and questions. Tracy filled 1 hour beautifully with a very full reading that covered my past, present and future circumstances. She honed in on specific questions I had and was so personable that I was instantly put at ease. There was fun laughter and insightful discoveries! I highly recommend receiving a reading from Tracy! Prepare to be amazed!

Thank you for my reading, it shed light on what and why some things are happening at this time, I will use the information to move forward on my path and take time to enjoy the ride. You have a calming and caring manner that made my first reading relaxed, I look forward to meeting with you again! Thanks Tracy.

Tracy, I can't thank you enough for your insightful spiritual reading for me today! It was spot on and it was good to know I am on the right path and need to finish what I have started! I love your upbeat attitude and your suggestions on how to ramp up my spiritual intuition! I loved our time together and look forward to seeing you again!

My reading with Tracy today was exactly what I needed to start the new year off right. She touched on some reoccurring fears that were holding me back and keeping me from creating my dreams and reminded me that I've already done this before and have nothing to be afraid of. It was just the boost of confidence I was hoping for! With her gentle demeanor, she was able to convey exactly what she was picking up for me and around me including some recent spirit activity in my house! I resonated with everything she said and had so much fun hearing about all the good things coming in 2014! I can't wait to watch it unfold!!! Tracy has a wonderful gift and delivers it with clarity and grace. If you are wondering whether or not you should treat yourself to a reading...DO IT! You won't be sorry.

spirit galleries

I'm sure you won't remember, but my mother in law's mom came through. You told me she had a gold fringe shawl with a flower pattern on it and she wanted me to have it. Honestly I was a little skeptical that the message was for me since I had never met her and knew nothing of this shawl. I called my mother in law the next day and she burst into tears and said she knew exactly what I was talking about. She brought over the most amazing shawl, exactly as you described it!!!

A truly wonderful experience! Several attendees received beautiful messages from loved ones. At least 2 have told me that they considered their messages life changing. Two others reported that they could feel spirit in the room. Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

I met Tracy at a group meeting at a friends house. I was so impressed that I invited her to my house to have a spirit gallery with some other friends. Tracy is not only a sweet lady but a great psychic medium. I wasn't sure if I believed in connecting with the dead until I met with Tracy. I've had two meetings with Tracy, so far. During the first meeting I heard from my grandfather and the second was from my great grandfather. She told me things nobody could have just guessed. Both meetings were very emotional for me but in a good way! I was very happy to hear what she had to tell me. I would recommend her to anybody.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and was amazed by the Spirit Gallery you led in Chicago. It was the first of it's kind that I'd attended.  I was nervous and excited all at the same time, not sure what to expect and open to learning.. The way you delivered the messages to the participants was so pure and loving.  It's clear that this is your passion.  Thank you for sharing it with me and the others you've touch with it over the years.

Tracy, I'm truly blown away by the depth and strength of your connection to those who have transitioned. The fact that you sensed my grandparents patiently waiting to speak to me, and the beautiful way in which you delivered the message still has me in tears. My grandmother had not held me since I was 2 years old, and the fact that you allowed her to hug me through you was one of most memorable experiences of my life. You have a gift that touches lives in ways that transcend words. Thank you for listening to your inner calling, and thank you for sharing your light with the world. We truly do live in a brighter, more beautiful world because you are in it.

I recently attended one of Tracy's Spirit Galleries and was amazed with this woman and her incredible gift of connecting others with their loved ones. There were many people profoundly affected when their loved ones came through... and even a couple appeared to have life changing experiences, and you could just feel the healing of their hearts happen right then and there. I found Tracy to be one of the most authentic people in this line of work that I have ever met, and she has such a gentle way with those attending and those coming through. Thank you Tracy for a most amazing experience.

We all had a great time. Many people got messages from a beloved family member or a close friend who had passed and those messages were helpful, comforting, and some were full of good advice for the recipient. Everyone was deeply moved by the experience.

I had Tracy to my house for a Spirit Gallery, actually it was the third time! Not only is she very talented & attuned she is very professional. She wastes no time & gets right to business. Her gallery is non stop for the full length of time & she even tries to accommodate those that may not have had someone come through by asking them if there is anyone she may attempt to contact. Her talents are amazing & her messages are very accurate. No one at our gatherings have ever been disappointed. I have also had private readings from Tracy & have taken a few of her classes. I will continue to do business with Tracy as I find her talented, real, helpful, sweet & caring.

I come from a very hard science background and watched Tracy do 3 Spirit Galleries consecutively to make a formalized opinion of her talent/skill. All I can say ii is as real and genuine as it gets. She shares things that can not possibly be generic or misunderstood as anything but authentic and most definitely the real deal. She is awesome and one of my favorite people in the world! In addition, she truly is one of the best people you will ever meet in your life... guaranteed!

I have been to a few of Tracy's Spirit Galleries and they have all been incredibly interesting. I wish I could have her over every week to see what spirits are around! Tracy has a great ability to bring spirits through and I love to hear all they have to say.

Just wanted to say "Thank you" for the awesome spirit gallery last night.  I called my sister-in-law after class to tell her I heard from her Mom.  Next week is the first anniversary of her passing - it was the first time I actually heard happiness in her voice in a couple years. Her Mom had leukemia and was sick for over a year.  Your reading brought her the comfort she needed.  She knows her Mom is ok and is still the same person she was in life.  She said she is going to ask me to tell her over and over what you said. I told her as many times as she needs.  Thank you for all you do to bring people closer to their loved ones in spirit. Death is not the end of our journey but still separates us from the ones we need and love.  I really enjoyed the program and look forward to taking more classes with you in the future.  Good luck in all your endeavors.  I wish you much success.

classes and coaching

Thank you Tracy for a wonderful 2 week journey.  I learned on new perspective of some things I have been experiencing.  I enjoyed the Zoom session today as it made the culmination of the learning very personal.

Wow.  I have held off commenting until close to the end of this 14 day program.  You are doing an outstanding job of explaining soooooo many things in such a short time frame, and your meditations are incredibly deep.  Thank you.  I am so glad I have signed up for this program. I am a questioner and commenter by nature, so each of the areas you have spoken about bring up little pieces of information I would want to explore further.  Thank you for helping me re-focus.

Tracey, your class on intuition was awesome!  As you were speaking, everything seemed to be clicking into place. The exercises you gave us to work on, are interesting, yet simple. The hardest part being acquiring a willing partner to work with. Good news, I have my practice partners...and I can't wait to get started. As a Reiki Master, I frequently practice mindfulness throughout my day...I like to think of it as 'meditation with my eyes open'....I quiet my mind long enough for Spirit to get a word in  I was wondering if, with practice, any of my other senses will grow ? (I am clairaudient) I can't wait for your next class.

I took Tracy’s psychic coaching classes and really enjoyed the experience. I developed confidence through this program in my personal strengths in this field. Tracy gave me instruction on how I may be able to strengthen my psychic ability. The classes enabled me to delve into previous experiences I had. Tracy helped me to gain understanding and interpretation of events that took place. I grew personally from these classes. She was always available for any questions or concerns I had. Tracy was able to remove the fear I was experiencing. I highly recommend this program! Tracy is truly gifted and I continue to take classes that she offers. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher!

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your classes especially our last one from last night. I hope you will continue to keep teaching these classes because you make the classes so interesting and you are a very good teacher. I have made so many good friends through your classes as well and want to thank you for offering them.

I always saw my emotional sensitivity as a weakness. Just existing in New York City was exhausting and I felt like being stressed and tired was just something I would have to accept. But thanks to Tracy, I know that's not true. She taught me that I had a raw skill and talent that just need to be nurtured. Honesty, it was a huge relief to learn that I'm not the only person who feels like this - being able to control it was a bonus. And not only did she help me to realize it's a privilege to have this ability, but also a strength. 

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your great Psychic Development class! I really have learned so much from you. You have a quiet strength, infused with kindness, that really resonates, and translates in the the way you impart information to the class. I am very shy by nature, so it is equally nice to see someone like yourself that works so well with that part of you. It gives me hope. You have inspired me to take a few risks. The last couple of classes have especially been enlightening, albeit slightly uncomfortable considering the messages I've been given... Actually I feel like I have been given a "smack down" by the Universe (with love and blessings of course), I've come to some truths and insights about myself.

I am profoundly grateful that my journey has led me to meet such a kind hearted soul. Tracy is extremely proficient in her work as a psychic medium/teacher/coach. I am lucky to be able to say that I am learning so much from her and learning to understand so much about myself. I am forever grateful!!!

I am in one of Tracy's training programs and just have to say I have never met such a wonderful, loving, caring person who truly wants the best for her clients/students. I've had the amazing experience of getting messages during her spirit gallery and within those messages I have come to find peace and understanding and now know what I need to do for myself and my future. I can not thank you enough Tracy for all you guidance, wisdom, insight and the loving messages from my passed loved ones and spirit guide. You are truly an Earth Angel. God bless you always xoxo

Infinite Possibilities has taught me the value of positive energy and how the status quo is only a hindrance to success.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Infinite Possibilities class and Tracy as the instructor. She made the class fun and informative and made everyone feel comfortable. I learned to let go of old beliefs and that change is possible at any age. I found that I was stuck in old mindsets and habits and needed the motivation and the affirmation that change was and is possible.

A Thank you note for Tracy:

“Be the image of the business you are trying to build.”

The saying headlines a flyer I made to hang above my desk. The image is a bronze hand holding a pen, a cropped photograph of a statue. I am a life story writer, a memoirist, and a public relations specialist.  I know well enough to walk the walk of your business. Be the message. Stay on point.  One cannot grow a business or pursue a personal dream until they believe in themselves and the vision they hope for.  When I signed up for the Infinite Possibilities course I realized something was missing for me. I have a personal dream, a dream I truly want to fulfill in my lifetime. I also have a startup business that I know could grow into a viable regional business. Something big was missing between my business plan and the personal dream I hold. It was the belief - the deep-seated belief - that both my business and personal dreams could come true. I was starting to lose confidence in myself. I needed to connect the two and build on them together.

I needed to feel it, like the breath in my body. I needed to infuse that belief into everything I am. I also needed time to focus on me.

When we truly believe in ourselves, all things are possible.

One of Tracy Farquhar’s greatest assets is her ability to inspire others to inspire themselves. The Infinite Possibilities course has given me a sincere gratitude for all that awaits me. It has repositioned my ability to see my own life. I haven’t had this much energy since I trained for a marathon. I am so thankful for all that has blossomed.  I also found myself thinking about the goals of my classmates and wanting to cheer them on. As a group we decided to continue our coursework with future networking meetings.

I originally went to Tracy's workshop to see if I could learn about my spirit guide. Instead, my request to see my brother was answered. I've always had an interest in the afterlife and this workshop verified it for me. Tracy's voice also was very soothing and I found if my mind drifted, I could always find my way back to her voice and get on track. I was so impressed I signed for the rest of the workshops and will be signing up for the next series. This has opened me up to receive many gifts that I did not realize I was worthy of receiving. Thanks, Tracy and God bless!

Enjoyed all classes that I attended. Thank you for all your work. You should know I think you are outstanding!

Your workshop was one of the best I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot! Right from the guided meditation, I knew I was in the right place . . . I am ready to sign up for the next program you have! Seriously,  you’re a mentor figure (leader/teacher) if ever I met one!  And I’ve met loads, good & bad, on this journey.