psychic Readings

Tracy offers in-person, phone, and online intuitive tarot readings, which provide guidance for your life path based on your past, present and future.


Mediumship Readings & Galleries

These readings provide messages from loved ones in spirit. Offered are private mediumship readings for 1-3 people in the Spirit Light Center and online, and for 4 to 12 people in your home or at the Spirit Light Center


Speaking and Presenting

Tracy is a professional motivational speaker and presenter,  providing lectures and seminars for  groups or gatherings.


Infinite Possibilities

Tracy is a certified trainer of Mike Dooley's empowering Infinite Possibilities program which provides tools to create the life of your dreams.


Coaching Packages

An initial reading and subsequent one-hour coaching sessions to support you with your own psychic development and spiritual growth. Also available is one-on-one Infinite Possibilities coaching.


Event Packages

Tracy will travel to your location for a 2 or 3 day package of events including individual intuitive readings, a 2-hour Spirit Gallery, a psychic development workshop and a 2-hour Frank Talk Channeled Wisdom Gallery. 



Tracy channels a spirit collective known as Frank who provides wisdom and guidance to their audiences. The books Frank Talk and From Deep Space with Love are now available on Amazon.


Psychic Development Classes

Tracy teaches workshops and classes to help you discover and develop your own inherent abilities.


Tracy is real.  She is compassionate; and what you probably want to know most, she is accurate.  Tracy Farquhar has the gift. She is connected to the neurological mechanism of the universe.  I have been a client of Tracy's for about three years.  She has been right in all her assessments and predictions.You have found gold.  Tracy is genuine, kind, and honest.  If you want the truth, ask Tracy Farquhar.


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