About Tracy

Unlike many practicing psychics you may find, I cannot claim to have always been aware of my psychic abilities.  As a child, I was sensitive and labeled as shy because I avoided crowds and tended to be quite introverted.  I grew up with psychically sensitive siblings who frequently contacted the spirit realm and one of our houses was quite haunted, so I found it easy to accept that there was more to the Universe than what I could see.

It wasn't until I was drawn to take Psychic Development classes with the late Tom Halliwell in 2005 that I discovered my sensitivities were more than just shyness, and that I could tap into both spirit and living energy to help guide others on their path.  Continued study, practice and passion has helped me hone my skills, and I now use tarot and mediumship to do my readings.

I’ve also discovered the ability to channel an other-worldly collective known as Frank. Please see the Channeling page for information about the book Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom and my second book, Channeled Messages from Deep Space, and look for upcoming channeling events.

Tracy is amazing! One hour of spot-on insights and wonderful advice was worth way more than her very reasonable prices. Tracy has a very calm, caring demeanor, and instantly taps into the heart of the issues. She has very amazing intuition that confirmed exactly what I had been wondering, but then takes it way further into the realm of what is behind the issue, what you can do to correct the issue, and where you are going from here. Tracy’s readings are beyond wonderful!
— Readings Testimonials